Company Overview

The Kennedy Companies and. Water Works Inc. serve customers throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Our corporate headquarters is located in Mount Laurel New Jersey. The Kennedy Companies has a total of 8 stocking locations. In New Jersey, we have locations in Hillsborough, Clementon, and Totowa. In Eastern Pennsylvania, we have a location in Horsham. In Virginia, we have locations in Chantilly and Chesapeake. Finally, in North Carolina we have locations in Raleigh and Fayetteville. Our offices are open from 7am to 5pm weekdays, and we can be reached at anytime by E-mail.

The Kennedy Companies and Water Works Inc. are full line distributors of water, storm, sanitary sewer and erosion control products. We offer the most diverse product lines in the industry today.

We offer full service products with an experienced and knowledgeable staff of inside and outside sales professionals. Please Contact Us for complete information on any of our quality products.

For nearly 50 years, The Kennedy Companies have been building relationships with our manufacturers and our customers. We specialize in providing excellent engineered products to the utility and construction industries at competitive prices.  Please ask your Sales Representative for more information by contacting us.

Water utility products such as Pipe, Valves, Hydrants, and AMR/AMI Meter products are in stock at all of our stocking locations.

Storm water drainage systems are continually subjected to strict regulations. The industry is demanding lower-cost solutions with increased performance and reliability. We provide storm water drainage solutions to meet a wide variety of performance requirements. Please ask your Kennedy Companies representative. From Pipe, Chamber systems, GEocellular systems, to Water Quaility devices, we havethe best systems for your application.

For all of your Woven and Non-Woven Geotextile needs, our company offers a wide range of products. We offers a complete line of woven and non-woven geotextiles to improve the performance of highways, unpaved roads, parking lots and storage areas. Your Sales Representative can assist you in selecting the Geotextile that is right for your job. We also has a broad spectrum of fabrics specifically designed for drainage applications including three pavement enhancement fabrics for paving and repairs.

We also offer Tensar triaxial structural geogrids for proven performance and cost-effectiveness in ground stabilization. They improve the effective bearing capacity of sub grade by distributing the load over a wider area. Remarkable results can be achieved by using geogrids over soft ground. Undercutting can often be eliminated, and site access is improved in most types of weather. Firm construction platforms can even be built over ground too soft to support a man’s weight. Contact a Kennedy Rep for more information.

We support civil engineers and contractors with a complete line of reliable, cost effective erosion control products. We offer a variety of erosion control blankets for a wide range of applications. From moderate erosion situations to the most severe applications, we have products that are proven effective. From temporary and permanent erosion control blankets to design software, the range and quality of  products are guaranteed to satisfy. Quality products supported by Kennedy reps make us a leader in erosion control technology.

Our Commitment

In order to achieve our vision, The Kennedy Companies commit to the following:

The Kennedy Companies mission is to provide top-quality, innovative, engineered utility products that ultimately produce a better way of living for others. We believe our first responsibility is to Kennedy customers (including but not limited to): utility, general, plumbing, and mechanical contractors, municipal utility authorities, private and public water companies, public works departments, landscape architects and contractors, and civil/consulting engineering firms who specify our products and services.

In carrying out our day-to-day business we strive to:

  • Never lose focus that our customers are deserving of our best service and utmost respect. To this extent, our companies’ commitment continues tobe the building of strong relationships.
  • Compete within the Mid-Atlantic Region, focusing in our immediate home area.
  • Always meet our annual economic objectives, including our companies’ commitment toward solid growth and sustained, strong profitability.
  • Preserve existing and increase market share through the Kennedy Companies unsurpassed ability to promote its engineered products within the engineering community, thereby providing potent sales opportunities once specified. This style of promotional leader, which is unique to our companies, is rarely practiced by our competitors, and assures the future success of the Kennedy Companies.
  • Represent those products and services, which are deserving of our best quality, most technologically advanced, and most widely accepted in the marketplace – products and services that have a proven track record and work!
  • Utilize the most recent business wholesale distribution software available to our industry that is in our companies’ best interest.
  • Offer a high-grade work and moral ethic for our employees to follow, and a productive working environment for those to flourish within. We intend to attract the highest quality personnel possible, delivering, not jobs, but careers.
  • Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will be the preferred source of supply for underground utility products. The Kennedy Companies will continue to be well respected by its community, employees, vendors, and especially its customers, thereby giving our company an excellent chance to succeed.

Mission Statement

For 40 years the Kennedy Companies have offered the widest range of quality products, delivered at competitive prices. It is our goal to maintain the highest service standard in our industry today.

Great service, great products & always in stock. Contact us today!